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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced are Landcrafters’ crews?
We are proud to say that Landcrafters is home to some of the most experienced and most talented landscaping experts in Florida. Together, our team has decades of combined expertise managing and enhancing landscapes throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Landcrafters will never stop investing in our team members. We provide them with comprehensive training so they can continue improving their skills, making sure they are proficient in the latest landscaping trends. Our specialists are known for their proactivity, and they constantly look for and suggest ways to improve our clients’ landscapes.

Does Landcrafters offer any guarantees?
We don’t take promises lightly… Our services are backed up by our promise. We guarantee… 
  • Prompt answers
  • All communication received by 12 pm will be answered by 5 pm.
  • No surprises
Clear communication — we operate to scope of services agreed upon.
  • Always on schedule
We will show up at the time we agree to or we will let you know.
  • Our Warranty: All of our work is backed up with an industry-leading warranty.
What exactly is ‘Enhanced Landscape Maintenance’?

A lot of companies offer a simple mow-and-blow service. Some go a bit further and create simple landscape maintenance plans. We don’t. Landcrafters only works with clients who want and need impactful landscape care. The one that truly enhances the landscape, and the lives of all who get to enjoy it.

Our landscape maintenance plans are “enhanced” because they are specifically tailored to solve all challenges and maximize potential of the outdoor area. They are “enhanced” because the plans introduce unique value-adding options. Other than the standard services, our Enhanced Landscape Maintenance includes initial cleanup, regular irrigation management, and landscape inspections; and can include seasonal flower installations, mulching, fertilization, palm trimming – among other services. Feel free to reach out for more details.

How often do you perform landscape maintenance service visits?
That depends on your personal preference and the specific needs of your greenery. Some landscapes (and some clients) require more care than the others. We typically offer 38, 42, and 51 visits per year, with 42 and 51-visit plans being the most popular. However, each landscape and each property owner (or manager) is unique, and so are our Enhanced Landscape Maintenance plans.
Does Landcrafters require a contract for all landscape maintenance plans, and will I have the freedom to cancel it if things don’t work out?
All Landcrafters’ Landscape Maintenance Agreements are year-long agreements. And, even though it happens on a very rare occasion, the agreement has typical stipulations that allow for cancellation. Also, we sometimes choose not to use a contract at all, if the property is of a small size.
Do your Landscape Maintenance Plans come all-inclusive or a-la-carte?

When we say we deliver “best-in-class” landscaping experience – we mean it. The way we see it, the only way to deliver that experience to different clients (who have different needs and requests) is to extensively tailor our landscape maintenance plans.

You can choose to opt-in or opt-out a range of different value-adding services, from fertilization to seasonal flower installation and everything in-between. Even if you require something Landcrafters can’t fill internally – we have a network of reliable expert partners who can help us deliver results.

Can you tailor our Enhanced Landscape Maintenance plan so it doesn't include any herbicide treatment, and what other environmentally-friendly practices can you offer?
Absolutely. Plus, we can introduce various landscaping solutions to help you preserve valuable resources or help preserve nature – ranging from smart irrigation systems to landscape design and installation practices that attract bees, birds, and other Florida wildlife. Please reach out for more details.

Also, we should mention that we try to make all aspects of our business as environmentally-friendly as possible. That’s why we use advanced landscaping (and not just landscaping) technologies that make our operations more efficient and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Do you offer a landscape care service that has more flexibility - where I can only order it from time to time and give specific direction on which areas need your attention.

Yes! Our Fine Gardening service is becoming increasingly popular mostly because of its unmatched flexibility. You can schedule it whenever you want or create a special Fine Gardening calendar with our experts.

The service is designed to provide the absolute best care to a specific area (or areas) of your landscape – when you need it most. It is popular both with our commercial and residential clients, both with clients who require regularly-scheduled assistance and who only need their outdoors enhanced for a special occasion.

What is the Landcrafters’ guarantee on your services?
Landcrafters stands behind our work with a commitment to your satisfaction. When you choose us for your landscape services, benefit from our best-in-class 5-year guarantees on plants and trees, provided we manage your landscape, irrigation, and fertilization/pest control. Additionally, enjoy 1-year warranties on all irrigation repairs and enhancements. If any damage occurs to your property during our service, we cover the repair costs at no expense to you. Rest easy knowing your investment is protected with Landcrafters, where excellence meets assurance in every aspect of our work.
Are you able to adjust the work to our schedule/to not cause excessive noise/to pay special attention to property specifics?
Yes. Whenever we start preparing a plan for a new client and a new property, we go through all the little details that make all the difference. It is Landcrafters’ goal to provide unparalleled landscaping experience, and that means taking care of much more than just the appearance or the health of your green area. We always do our absolute best to suit every special request our clients may have.
Does Landcrafters notify ahead of service and provide service reports for each property?
Absolutely. If a client desires, we can notify them ahead of each service, just in case the client wants to reschedule or has a special request for our team of experts. After the work is done, we provide a follow-up report that details what has been done. The report is also crafted so it highlights and explains any recommendation our experts have for your landscape or some of its parts.
What is included in the Annual Quality Audit of my landscape?
Each year, we prepare a detailed progress report to our clients regarding the entirety of their landscape. We analyze what’s been done. But, more importantly, we identify all areas of potential improvement and prepare a step-by-step landscape development plan. Ensuring you get the absolute best value for your investment – and the best-looking outdoors in your neighborhood!
Will my property have an assigned Team Leader?
One of the reasons why so many clients choose Landcrafters is the level of our dedication to ensuring we do what we say we will do. The best way to assure this outcome is to have an assigned crew of landscape specialists, a team leader, and an account manager for each of the properties we service.

Our on-site Team Leader will get familiar with your specific needs and schedule and will discuss all mission-critical landscape items directly to the client representative. Additionally, each property has the full support of our management, ensuring the clients can get all their questions answered as soon as possible. At Landcrafters, we leave nothing to chance.

What are the details of Landcrafters’ quality control system?
Day-to-day quality inspections are performed by the dedicated Team Leader, who reports all concerns and ideas for improvement to client representatives and our management team. A dedicated Account Manager will accompany the property owner or manager on monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly* site walks and go over the progress and next steps or suggestions.

*Depending on the specific needs of the client and/or property size and complexity.

Can you prepare a step-by-step Landscape Design & Installation/Landscape Enhancement plan, so that the investment is easier to finance?
Even though it’s usually recommended to handle all landscape enhancement or installation work at once, sometimes that’s simply not possible. We work with you to understand your priorities, goals, and limitations – to create a perfect plan that delivers both the short and long-term results you’re after!

We should also mention that our landscape designers are familiar with trending and cutting-edge landscaping styles and ideas – and are fully capable of turning your dreams into reality! No matter how unorthodox they might appear at first.

Does Landcrafters’ offer irrigation services in house, or subcontracted?
At Landcrafters, we take pride in delivering a seamless and comprehensive experience for our clients. All of our irrigation services are carried out by our highly skilled in-house irrigation team. Whether you're looking for a new installation or need assistance troubleshooting complex wire problems, our team, boasting decades of experience, is fully equipped to handle even the most challenging irrigation needs on your property. With Landcrafters, trust that your irrigation requirements are in the capable hands of our dedicated and proficient team.
Do you have insurance and workers compensation?
Absolutely. Landcrafters is a fully licensed and insured company, and we maintain workers' compensation coverage for all our employees. Your peace of mind is important to us, and we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved with Landcrafters. Furthermore, we prioritize safety by subjecting the entirety of our team to thorough drug testing and background checks upon employment, underscoring our dedication to the well-being of all stakeholders associated with Landcrafters. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions regarding our licenses or insurance.
Why does Landcrafters require its clients to have a working irrigation system on the property before commencing services?
At Landcrafters, we prioritize the success of your landscape in the vibrant environment of Florida. A functioning irrigation system is crucial for your landscape's vitality, and that's why we ask our clients to have one in place before we begin our services. This ensures that your investment thrives, capturing the essence of our beautiful region. If you don't currently have an irrigation system, we're delighted to assist you in creating a plan for installation or enhancing your existing system. Our goal is to protect your investment, and we also offer comprehensive irrigation management programs to keep your system optimized year-round.
Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do. We reward our commercial clients who refer Landcrafters on a case-by-case basis (due to the specifics of our commercial contracts). When it comes to our residential clients, for each new client they bring – we reward them with a $250 gift card or landscape enhancement credit depending on the client and the service referred.


Can I pay for Landcrafters’ services online, or pay by a credit card?
Certainly. At Landcrafters, we prioritize the convenience of our clients when it comes to payments. We offer a seamless online payment system, allowing you to make transactions swiftly and securely. Our client portal enhances your experience, providing a centralized platform where you can not only make payments but also access a comprehensive overview of your account. From viewing past and upcoming services to accessing all invoicing and account communication, our portal is designed to streamline your experience. Should you have any concerns or requests, the portal also allows you to raise issues for our team to promptly address on your behalf.

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