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Residential Landscape Maintenance

Comprehensive care & detailed attention for your private oasis

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Ongoing Landscape Maintenance From a Team You Trust

Achieving a stunning residential landscape is half the equation. The other half? Maintaining your peaceful outdoor retreat. Your space should be a calming escape–we think that means enjoying the benefits without the stress of self-maintenance.

Experience worry-free care, thorough detail, and expert service with Landcrafters. Our residential landscaping team knows how to make your go-to space look–and feel–like the private paradise you dreamed of.

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Protect Your Investment with Enhanced Landscape Maintenance Services

Your full-time retreat deserves full-time attention. Our enhanced landscape maintenance services offer ongoing care to ensure your property looks and feels pristine. The resources you've poured into your landscape deserve to be protected. 

From regular enhancements that keep your space stunning throughout every season to detailed maintenance that goes beyond a quick cut and run, our team is here to ensure your private oasis blooms all year long. 


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20+ Years of Landscape Maintenance Experience at Your Service

We've spent the last two decades bettering and beautifying the landscapes of Tampa Bay. To us, landscape maintenance isn't just about making yards look pretty. At the core, it's about the peace of mind behind it all. 

Our curated care always puts your property's needs at the forefront. That means cookie-cutter maintenance plans just won't do. We're here to give you the outdoor retreat you've dreamed of. Once you've got it, we're committed to protecting it.

Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is ‘Enhanced Landscape Maintenance’?
A lot of companies offer a simple mow-and-blow service. Some go a bit further and create simple landscape maintenance plans. We don’t. Landcrafters only works with clients who want and need impactful landscape care. The one that truly enhances the landscape, and the lives of all who get to enjoy it.

Our landscape maintenance plans are “enhanced” because they are specifically tailored to solve all challenges and maximize potential of the outdoor area. They are “enhanced” because the plans introduce unique value-adding options. Other than the standard services, our Enhanced Landscape Maintenance includes initial cleanup, regular irrigation management, and landscape inspections; and can include seasonal flower installations, mulching, fertilization, palm trimming – among other services. Feel free to reach out for more details.

How often do you perform landscape maintenance service visits?
That depends on your personal preference and the specific needs of your greenery. Some landscapes (and some clients) require more care than the others. We typically offer 38, 42, and 51 visits per year, with 42 and 51-visit plans being the most popular. However, each landscape and each property owner (or manager) is unique, and so are our Enhanced Landscape Maintenance plans.
Does Landcrafters require a contract for all landscape maintenance plans, and will I have the freedom to cancel it if things don’t work out?
All of Landcrafters’ Landscape Maintenance Agreements are year-long agreements. And, even though it happens on a very rare occasion, the agreement has typical stipulations that allow for cancellation. Also, we sometimes choose not to use a contract at all, if the property is of a small size.
Can you tailor our Enhanced Landscape Maintenance plan so it doesn't include any herbicide treatment, and what other environmentally-friendly practices can you offer?
Absolutely. Plus, we can introduce various landscaping solutions to help you preserve valuable resources or help preserve nature – ranging from smart irrigation systems to landscape design and installation practices that attract bees, birds, and other Florida wildlife. Please reach out for more details.

Also, we should mention that we try to make all aspects of our business as environmentally-friendly as possible. That’s why we use advanced landscaping (and not just landscaping) technologies that make our operations more efficient and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Do you offer a landscape care service that has more flexibility - where I can only order it from time to time and give specific direction on which areas need your attention.

Yes! Our Fine Gardening service is becoming increasingly popular mostly because of its unmatched flexibility. You can schedule it whenever you want or create a special Fine Gardening calendar with our experts.

The service is designed to provide the absolute best care to a specific area (or areas) of your landscape – when you need it most. It is popular both with our commercial and residential clients, both with clients who require regularly-scheduled assistance and who only need their outdoors enhanced for a special occasion.

Discover reliable landscape maintenance and seamless service.

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