5 Benefits of Production Mapping for Your Tampa Bay Commercial Landscape

Kaylie Gibbons Kaylie Gibbons

Tampa Bay is home to some of the most beautiful properties you’ll ever see. Sure, we may be biased, but with Florida’s natural qualities and the coastal vibes of the Tampa Bay area, there is no shortage of pristine landscapes to admire.

Make no mistake, though. Eye-catching, well-manicured commercial landscapes don’t happen by accident, and they certainly don’t spring up overnight. A lot of strategy, hard work, and resources are required to develop and maintain a commercial property that would look at home on the cover of a magazine.

When you work with a professional landscaping company in Tampa Bay, you expect all of that and more. That’s why Landcrafters invests so heavily in the right tools and processes to ensure your commercial landscape exceeds even the highest expectations. Among the unique methods we use to push your Tampa Bay commercial landscape to its maximum potential is production mapping.

What is Production Mapping, and Why is it Important?

In its most basic form, production mapping involves documenting your commercial property via a detailed map. We include enough information so that our crews can easily navigate your landscape even if they have never set foot in it. It’s a literal map, but the benefits it provides are far more profound than preventing our team from getting lost. It also includes pertinent information to help identify tasks and make proper use of time.

We do production mapping for every client, no matter how big or small their property is. The benefits are universal, though they are particularly impactful when dealing with commercial landscapes of a larger scale. Our commitment to this methodology should speak volumes of its effectiveness. We believe in production mapping, and its benefits have proven themselves worth the investment time and time again.

The Benefits of Tampa Bay Commercial Landscape Production Mapping

The positives of production mapping are many, and we’d love to give you an in-depth dissertation on exactly how it can help transform your Tampa Bay commercial property. Because every property is unique, however, we’re going to stick to the top universally applicable benefits of commercial landscape production mapping in this piece.

Production Mapping Equips Our Staff for Success

Part of what makes Landcrafters special is the lengths we go to ensure our employees are equipped for success. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make their lives easier and empower them to perform to the best of their ability. Production mapping is an example of this commitment to investing in our staff, and the return on that investment is significant.

There is often variation within our crews. We do our best to retain some consistency, but working with multiple properties throughout the Tampa Bay area sometimes necessitates allocating different team members to different places. As a result, there are often crew members on any particular job that have not visited that specific property before.

Production mapping ensures that our crews are not sent out blind. This allows them to prepare beforehand, familiarize themselves with the commercial landscape, and perform their best. When our teams are prepared, they can do a better job. Not only is this great for your Tampa Bay landscape in the immediate, but it is also imperative to everyone’s success in the long term.

Employees who feel genuinely cared for and satisfied with their job are more likely to stick around. By equipping our teams with the tools they need to succeed, we are fostering a positive company culture that limits the turnover rate and contributes to cohesion. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and it starts with Landcrafters taking care of its employees.

Saves Time by Streamlining Efficiency

Whether your commercial landscape is of average size or exceptionally large, the more efficient our crews can be, the better. In other words, we don’t want them to wander around your property trying to figure out the layout, find a particular area, or pinpoint where the plants they’re looking for are located. Doing so burns valuable time that could be allocated to important aspects of commercial landscaping in Tampa Bay, such as providing the services needed to help your property thrive.

If our crews don’t have to walk your property to understand and navigate it, they can be more efficient with their time. This benefits them by allowing them to focus on what’s important and communicate on a higher level. It is also good for you and your property because our teams will be able to make better use of the time they spend on your property. Since there is only a finite allotment of time, the more they can get done in that period, the better!

Gives Our Crew Essential Guidance

As we mentioned before, production mapping isn’t limited to the physical layout of your property. It includes guidance for our crews that ranges from how to allocate their time to the best practices for the unique features of your commercial landscape—such as how to tend for specific plants, any issues that need to be addressed, and so on.

For example, the production mapping for a particular property may offer guidelines to our crew that include how long certain tasks should take, standards they can weigh their performance against, and the best order in which to accomplish the tasks they have for that day’s visit. These in-depth strategies keep our team focused, give them an opportunity to prepare before setting foot on your property, and ensure that the work done is as intentional and impactful as possible.

Allows Us to Organize Our Services

For larger commercial landscapes, it is impossible to fit all of the necessary services into one day, especially if we are to uphold the high standards of excellence that Landcrafters is known for. When a property demands multiple days of service to receive the attention it deserves, production mapping can help us organize that schedule in a way that makes sense.

Setting natural divisions for where we should begin and end each visit is one example of how production mapping improves organization and efficiency in this manner. It also provides clear-cut boundaries so there is no confusion between crews—they know exactly where to stop one day and where to start the next, even if the teams are entirely different.

Shows Customers How Dedicated We Are

At Landcrafters, we are all about forming long-term relationships with our customers. In fact, we prefer to call them partners because that’s what they are to us. We are both involved in creating the best commercial landscapes possible.

Production mapping demonstrates how dedicated we are to our clients and the success of their properties. We prioritize their needs and take the time and steps necessary to ensure their investment thrives. It also provides peace of mind. Our customers know that no matter who is a part of the team we send to their property, they will be fully equipped to do their jobs. They can feel confident that they are taken care of in a timely manner.


Landcrafters has been elevating Tampa Bay commercial landscapes to new heights for over 20 years. Our longevity can be contributed to many things, including our commitment to our craft and our company culture that values every employee. One thing is certain—we always go above and beyond what is expected, and that effort makes all the difference.

If you would like to learn more about production mapping or the other strategies we use to protect your investment in your property, please feel free to reach out to us. We’ll gladly discuss your property, its needs, and how Landcrafters can help.

For more landscaping knowledge, insights, and how-to guides, be sure to visit our blog. We update it regularly with valuable information pulled straight from our decades of experience and expertise.

Kaylie Gibbons

Kaylie Gibbons

Account Manager, Landscape Management for Landcrafters, Inc. Kaylie Gibbons is an account manager at Landcrafters offering 17 years of experience in the industry, having worked for other companies on the maintenance side and gaining vast knowledge of plants on the nursery side. With FNGLA and BMP certifications, Kaylie emphasizes communication in her client relationships, aiming to turn every spoken word into a reality for their landscape and the overall appearance of properties. Passionate about the landscape industry, Kaylie ensures her clients have the best experience from communication to the final project.