Battery-Powered Landscape Equipment For Tampa Bay

Michael Tomaino Michael Tomaino

How many times have you heard people say that the future is electric?

Whether this turns out to be true, or some revolutionary technology comes along and unseats it, for the moment, industries of all sorts are turning to electric alternatives to gas-powered engines.

The landscaping industry is in the midst of that very transition, and Landcrafters is among those leading the charge.

Opting to make the change from gas-powered to battery-powered equipment is not a light decision or easy task. Commercial landscapers trust their machines with their livelihoods and their clients’ property—so they better work!

Until recently, battery-powered landscape equipment simply couldn’t meet the rigorous demands of commercial jobs. However, technology has grown by leaps and bounds and is finally at a point where even the most discerning landscapers are seriously considering the switch.

Electric or battery powered tools can help optimize landscaping jobs and benefit the environment. The Advantages of Electric Landscape Equipment

Why fix what isn’t broken?

For many landscapers, this is the question leading their hesitancy about electric equipment. Switching is, after all, a massive and expensive process.

However, there are numerous advantages that make the move from gas-powered to battery-powered equipment more than worth it.

Quiet Efficiency

Residential areas often struggle with the pronounced noise of gas-powered landscaping equipment. Honestly, who can blame them?

It is frustrating to have your peaceful morning shattered by the aggressive cacophony of gas-powered machines. This is especially true for those with small children.

Beyond these unwanted wake-up calls, more residents are embracing the work-from-home model. This means they are home at most hours of the day. From breaking concentration to drowning out important work calls, noisy landscaping equipment is incredibly disruptive to those who work from home.

Battery-powered machines greatly reduce the noise associated with landscaping. In some cases, they come close to eliminating the noise entirely—a huge benefit for work performed in residential areas.

By opting for electric equipment, you not only keep residents happier, but you might also pick up more work as residential areas seek alternatives to gas-powered landscaping companies.

Reduced Reliance on Gas

Transitioning away from gas-powered machines means fewer emissions. For the environmentally conscious, this can be a huge selling point. It also portrays your company as being on the leading edge of the green revolution.

Aside from the environmental factors, reduced reliance on gas has several benefits. No longer do you have to store mass quantities of fuel, transport it from job to job, or deal with rising fuel costs.

In the long run, reducing your reliance on gas often translates to lower operating costs and simplified business operations.

Battery-Powered Equipment Challenges

No major change is free of challenges, especially when it comes to running a streamlined business in the process. Switching to battery-powered equipment is no different, and while the outcome may justify the temporary trials, you should be aware of them before you make such an impactful decision.

New Parts

The majority of your gas-powered machines likely feature interchangeable parts. This means you can quickly fix any problems, order materials in bulk, and keep certain parts on hand for maintenance and repairs.

New machines, especially those that abandon the gas engine format, come with new parts. Adapting to this will be difficult from management and service perspectives, especially initially.

Batteries and Infrastructure

Keeping the batteries in your new landscaping equipment is essential. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done without the proper infrastructure in place.

To set yourself up for success as a battery-powered landscaping company, you will need to revise your infrastructure, both at the shop and on the road.

Installing 220 outlets at both the shop and on your equipment trailers is key to quickly charge the batteries for your entire fleet. Keep in mind that this is not something that can be done overnight—it is an involved, often expensive project—so plan accordingly.


The Possibilities with Battery-Powered Landscaping Equipment

Not only are battery-powered landscaping tools effective, efficient, and good for the environment, they also bring about tons of benefits (like the ones we just discussed). But did you know that battery-powered / electric tools can actually open the door to even more landscaping possibilities?

It’s true. At Landcrafters, we’ve seen the limitless potential that battery-powered landscaping tools can bring. What possibilities, you might ask? We’ve got lots of answers to that question. First, you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Zero Exhaust Emissions
  • No Fuel Cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet

(These are actually benefits Stihl itself advertises on its website–they’re that upfront about the benefits!).

But of course, we’re here to talk about possibilities. With battery-powered equipment, you can:

  • Take the cord frustration out of landscaping. Battery powered equipment doesn’t require a tangled cord to make things happen. Imagine the spots you can reach, the hedges you can get to, the endless potential you can reach with a non-corded piece of equipment that isn’t fueled by gas and other dirty fossil fuels. At Landcrafters, we see the benefits for sure. That’s why we’re able to reach and perfect areas that other tools might not be able to allow us to get to.
  • Unlock simplicity without sacrificing performance. There are lots of landscaping tools out there that promise performance–but they overcomplicate the process. We’ve found that battery-operated tools help to de-complicate the process without underperforming, which allows the Landcrafters team to get the job done right.
  • Optimize performance with motor options. Whether you’re a solo resident trying to get the lawn cleaned up or you’re a multifaceted landscaping organization (like we are), the tier system for battery-powered tools can’t be beaten. We’re able to invest in battery-powered tools that exceed our expectations and help us meet our customer’s needs, but if you don’t need something that powerful, they have a multitude of engine and battery options that are sure to help you get what you want accomplished.

The power of a battery powered tool is helpful for both the landscaping job and the environment. With over 20 years of experience creating idyllic Florida landscapes, Landcrafters is a leader of the landscaping community. As usual, it is leading innovation in the industry by phasing out its use of gas-powered equipment in favor of battery-powered machines.

To learn more about this transition, how it can benefit you, and more, feel free to contact Landcrafters. In the meantime, check out our free blog. It is updated regularly with valuable landscaping knowledge, tips and tricks, and important updates like this!

Michael Tomaino

Michael Tomaino

Head Gardener for Landcrafters, Inc. Michael Tomaino, a cornerstone of Landcrafters since its inception, oversees all aspects of business operations with a wealth of experience. With years of adept team management and leadership under his belt, coupled with a robust educational background, both within and beyond the industry, Michael is dedicated to steering Landcrafters towards becoming the foremost landscape management provider in the Tampa Bay Area.