How Clever Landscaping Makes Your Employees More Productive

Michael Tomaino Michael Tomaino

It seems like business owners all over the US have finally come to realize that creating a distraction-free working environment only helps increase productivity in few, specific industries. In most cases, the working surroundings that don’t inspire and relax the employees lead to a decrease in job satisfaction, to a decrease in productivity, and, in a long term, to people leaving the company.

LandscapeThere are numerous research showing that just having a window view to a beautiful landscape helps the employees significantly improve their creativity and productivity. And, having an opportunity to take a break surrounded by a relaxing greenery is proven to reduce stress, improve internal company relationships, and, most importantly, make your employees happier with their job.

So, how can you transform your commercial property’s landscape in a way to increase job satisfaction and productivity of your workers?

A Place To Get Away From The World

Sometimes, all your employees need is just a little bit of privacy. To breathe, to relax, to clear their heads before tackling some important work task. And what a better place to achieve this than in a green private space you can create for your own employees. You can plant various plants to create an illusion of outdoor open-air rooms.

Create a quiet sitting and walking areas that are hard to penetrate with the looks from the pathways or building windows, or build a specially-designed rooftop garden. Use trees, evergreen plants, large shrubs, and vines, along with various hardscaping elements that provide sitting and strolling spaces. Then, let your employees use this space and see their productivity gradually improving.

A Place To Hang Out With Colleagues

One of the most important things you can do considering your commercial property is creating a place your employees can gather together. Having your workers come together to chat and relax in a relaxing outdoor environment can really boost their team spirit, and help them exchange and generate new ideas. Pro tip – you can also use this type of space to organize various promotional events, and even team building parties.

Other than planting various great-looking trees and plants all across and around this gathering area, you’ll definitely want to invest in some interesting hardscaping. Walkways, patios, various types of outdoor chairs and benches, even gazebos or fire pits. And, add an outdoor lighting to make the space accessible even during the evening hours.

A Place To Work Surrounded By Nature

Various modern (and some traditional) job positions allow your employees to change their working spot to increase creativity and productivity.

If they are using laptops to help your business achieve its goals, why not reward your hard-working experts with an option to take their work outdoors? In some cases, being surrounded by a stress-free greenery can generate enormous amounts of inspiration, especially for the people in more creative industries.

When building an outdoor working spot for this type of professionals, make sure that the area is enabling them to be productive. That means, introduce the outdoor lights, WiFi signal, electricity, and, of course, relatively comfortable place to sit. Then, enhance the place with various different-looking beautiful plants and trees, and enjoy the smiles on the faces of your employees.

No matter if you choose to create all of these spaces, or just one or two, make sure you implement quality landscaping solutions, so you only have to invest in this type of landscape enhancement once.

Michael Tomaino

Michael Tomaino

Head Gardener for Landcrafters, Inc. Michael Tomaino, a cornerstone of Landcrafters since its inception, oversees all aspects of business operations with a wealth of experience. With years of adept team management and leadership under his belt, coupled with a robust educational background, both within and beyond the industry, Michael is dedicated to steering Landcrafters towards becoming the foremost landscape management provider in the Tampa Bay Area.