Take Your Tampa Bay Commercial Landscape to New Holiday Heights

Kaylie Gibbons Kaylie Gibbons

Take Your Tampa Bay Commercial Landscape to New Holiday Heights

There may not be a white Christmas in Florida this year (or any year, for that matter), but the holiday spirit is alive and well. Despite the balmy weather that makes the Sunshine State the envy of its northern neighbors, Floridians know how to get make the most of the holiday season.

As a commercial property, you have a unique opportunity to lean into the festivities and spread holiday cheer far and wide. Whether you’re a Thanksgiving fanatic, have had your Christmas lights up for several months already, or are indulging in another holiday tradition this season, you have an opportunity to take your Tampa Bay commercial landscape to new holiday heights.

Our gift to you is that you don’t have to transform your commercial property into a holiday wonderland by yourself. Instead, you can use the tips below to create the idyllic seasonal landscape.

Floral Holiday Features

The light shows and inflatable displays may steal the show throughout the holiday season, but there are plenty of other ways to help your commercial property shine. Thanks to Florida’s temperate climate, creating floral features for the holidays is a fantastic option. Better still, Floridians can go beyond the wreaths of pine branches and berries (though we still love and recommend festive wreaths) to include living holiday displays.

While poinsettias are a classic choice, Florida gives you the opportunity to bring some diversity and tropical flair to your Tampa Bay landscape. From native plants that provide pops of color to getting creative with those palm trees you inevitably have, working with a landscaper can open a host of possibilities when it comes to floral holiday features.

Carry Festive Themes Indoors

Your landscape welcomes visitors to your Tampa Bay commercial property, and the cheer doesn’t have to stop there. Consider bringing the holiday themes from outside to inside by populating your foyer and public indoor spaces with thoughtful planting containers, holiday décor (such as wreaths and ornaments), and other thematic elements.

Creating a cohesive experience for visitors can truly elevate your property to new holiday heights by providing a memorable, immersive feeling.

Tampa Bay commercial landscape is a great avenue for holiday decor, like this example in the image.

Think Outside the String Lights

Getting creative—and going overboard—with string lights is a holiday tradition. While the standard approach of adorning rooflines and fences is a great start that we highly encourage, thinking outside the typical string lights is a great way to differentiate your property this holiday season.

If your commercial Tampa Bay property has water features, consider adding festive colored lights to them, illuminating them with reds, greens, and blues. Walkways, too, can benefit from the addition of seasonal lights that both guide visitors and add a bit of cheer. In other words, utilizing lights to accentuate the highlights already present on your property is a wonderful way to up the holiday spirit.

Focus on the Visitor Experience

As a commercial property, you will most likely have visitors throughout the holiday season. Making your landscape pop from the curb is a common goal during the holidays (and year-round), and this concept can be carried over into how a visitor experiences and interacts with your property. Whether you focus on creating a drive-through experience or a walking one, considering how to best facilitate a holiday wonderland adventure for your visitors can take your Tampa Bay property to the next level.

Start by clearly marking walking and driving paths, then decorate those routes to create a festive environment for those passing through. You can also transform public areas, whether indoor or outdoor, into places visitors can congregate and enjoy the holiday celebration in a relaxed manner. Feel free to get creative, work with what your property has, and listen to visitor feedback. Before you know it, your Tampa Bay commercial property will be a hub of holiday merriment.


No matter what your vision of a seasonal wonderland might be, Landcrafters can help you achieve it. The potential for commercial properties in Tampa Bay to spread holiday cheer is immense, and with over 20 years of experience in the area, Landcrafters is the ultimate resource for a seasonal transformation. Feel free to reach out to us with questions and visit our blog for more landscaping information and inspiration.

Kaylie Gibbons

Kaylie Gibbons