Plant These Florida-Friendly Flowers & Shrubs at Home

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Spice Up Your Florida Landscape—Plant These Unique, Florida-Friendly Flowers & Shrubs at Home

Before we dive into this super-helpful-must-read landscaping article, we want to warn you—we could talk about this forever.

We’re not kidding. We truly could go on and on about Florida-friendly plants that are unique, exciting, and totally agreeable with our less-than-perfect climate (for plants, anyway). We’re not saying this to steer you away, just to prepare you. If you’re ready to buckle in for the long haul and talk flora, fauna, and foliage, we’re glad to have you.

Time to spice up your residential land, Florida folks. Let’s dive in!

Florida-Friendly Flowers

Your residential landscape deserves more than just well-placed palm trees (although, hey, those are great, too and we’re never going to hate on a palm tree—in fact, we pretty much wrote an ode to palm trees here). All that aside, we think every Florida resident deserves all the flowers. Here are a few of the best (and brightest) Florida-Friendly flowers!


Bold, beautiful, and relatively low maintenance, the Amaranth is a native Florida plant that loves good sunlight, a little water, and can thrive in any soil texture. Known for their bright pops of purple and pink, these attractive plants are unique and easy to care for!


Florida is home to 16 native species of bromeliads—even if you think you don’t know what this flower is, you’ve totally seen it before. These stand-out flowers have colorful leaves and wild, unique, spiky flowers.


Florida is home to 16 native species of bromeliads—even if you think you don’t know what this flower is, you’ve totally seen it before. These stand-out flowers have colorful leaves and wild, unique, spiky flowers.

Canna Lily

Large and colorful, canna lilies actually aren’t really lilies—and they’re not the easiest to care for. But if you put in the time, effort, and attention, you can grow these gorgeous tropical flowers in bright blooms of red, bronze, white, blue, green, and burgundy! (BONUS: their foliage is fun, too—it can be blue or deep green!)

Swamp Sunflower

You know how Florida is muggy, salty, and kind of swampy? That might seem like a no-go for flowers—but that’s not so. Meet the Swamp Sunflower. A Florida native that grows super well in low, wet areas throughout the state. Looking for something low-maintenance for a less than ideal location? You don’t have to sacrifice beauty just because we’re in Florida! This bold flower is a beautiful pop of color in any residential Florida landscape.

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Sometimes called a Jonny-Jump-Up, the violet is a native, perennial wildflower that grows low to the ground and can pop up in fun colors like yellow, white, purple, or blue. Those these flowers will grow in full sun or partial shade they do love the cooler season (AKA they may not flourish in the summer). They don’t require tons of TLC, but they’re not a throw-and-go seed either—they need a little maintenance.

Florida-Friendly Shrubs

Personally, we don’t think shrubs get the attention they deserve—they’re easy to maintain, often have beautiful flowering buds, and add tons of character, texture, and color to your landscape. That’s why we picked some of the best Florida-Friendly shrubs out there for your review—see how these bad boys can brighten up your residential lawn!

Beauty Berry

This jaw-dropping shrub doesn’t just look beautiful (it definitely does—like, they wouldn’t name it that for no reason), but it also is great for attracting birds and bugs! These shrubs have dark green foliage with showy clusters of fruit that are purple, pink, or white! This shrub is a real showstopper! The best part? It’s native to Florida!


This is the perfect shrub for the warm Florida weather—it will even grow beautifully in the summer! Better yet, you’re not the only one who will love it—birds, butterflies, and bees absolutely love the Firebush! Though these beauties can grow tall (up to 8 feet, sometimes!) they’re easy to maintain and even easier to curb growth.


This Florida-native shrub is a gorgeous, unique plant for any residential landscape. Not only does it have glossy, green foliage, it’s also equipped with soft, white flowers that give off a sweet fragrance when they’re in bloom. But that’s not all, this shrub keeps on giving—with berries! Graceful, easy to care for, and scented, the Marlberry is a wonderful shrub choice for any Florida landscape.


If you’ve been in Florida for more than a few seconds, you’ve definitely seen Seagrape. This tropical shrub (it can also be grown as a vase-shaped tree!) can be trained as a hedge or rounded. These gorgeous, island-esque plants are absolute magic for those folks looking for a tropical Florida feel—and the best part is they’re native and will prosper in Florida climate!Ready to plant some native, Florida-friendly shrubs and flowers in your residential landscape? We thought you might be! If you’re ready to pull the trigger on crafting the finest residential landscape in all of Florida, please feel free to contact us—we’re here to help! From creating a comprehensive plan specific to your landscaping and current plants to implementing that plan gradually to lessen the impact on your budget, we’re here to work for you. Getting a quote is quick, easy, and of course, free, so check out our contact page here or give us a call directly at (727)-201-3947. Want more landscape inspo and advice? Check back with our regularly updated blog!

Elizabeth Pelletier

Elizabeth Pelletier

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