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How Updating Your HOA Irrigation System Can Save Money

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As lovely as Florida’s weather can be, it’s not always the easiest climate for HOA landscaping to thrive in. From extremely hot days in the Sunshine State to periods of drought, the Tampa Bay area has been known to throw challenging curveballs at even the most pristine landscapes.

It’s only natural that HOA communities turn to irrigation systems to help maintain their properties and keep them beautiful and functional year-round. Unfortunately, water bills can add up quickly–many HOA communities find themselves allocating a large portion of their annual budget to keeping their sprinklers turned on.

Thankfully, there are ways to reverse this trend. With a few key updates to your HOA irrigation system, you can reduce costs and see your landscape bloom like never before.

How to Reduce HOA Irrigation System Cost

Watering costs are among the most draining demands on an HOA property’s budget. This is especially true in places like Tampa Bay, where landscaping requires consistent and significant watering to remain in peak condition. Luckily, innovative technologies have made it easier than ever to cut back on your HOA irrigation system cost.

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Use Less Water with Smart Irrigation Systems

One of the biggest expenses that HOA properties face is water consumption and the related bill. If you want your landscaping to look great and serve the community well, you’re going to be irrigating on a consistent basis. Even if you are prudent with your water consumption, traditional and outdated sprinkler systems are quite demanding of your water supply.

By opting for an irrigation system upgrade that includes things like smart management, more efficient heads, and even micro irrigation applications, you can drastically reduce the amount of water you use. This is accomplished in several ways, all of which contribute to a welcomed end result for your community–lower HOA irrigation system cost!

For example, micro-irrigation delivers precise amounts of water directly to where it’s needed. This eliminates the need to water an over-generalized area, reduces water loss from evaporation, and more. Smart irrigation also accounts for the season, time of day, weather, and so on, utilizing all of these external factors to determine when to water and how much water to use. This is far more efficient than outdated sprinkler systems that operate on a timer.

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Catch Problems Before They Develop

Intelligent water use may be a compelling reason to upgrade your HOA irrigation system, but it’s not the only worthwhile factor to consider. With old irrigation systems, problems often develop before you have a warning, leaving you (and your landscaper) to chase down issues and try to correct them after the fact. This can lead to expensive repairs to both the irrigation system and the landscape that is damaged as a result of a malfunction.

Smart irrigation systems mitigate the possibility of problems developing by detecting areas of concern early. Thanks to built-in sensors and system monitoring, your smart irrigation system upgrade can identify issues quickly and alert you (or your landscaper) promptly to help avoid serious problems. From leaky pipes to faulty sprinkler heads, smart irrigation systems monitor themselves 24/7 and can provide automated warnings before damage occurs.

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Stay in Control from Anywhere

In addition to receiving alerts from your smart irrigation system–which can allow you to confront issues before they get worse, even if you are halfway around the globe–such HOA irrigation systems grant you control over most aspects of the system even if you are not on site. The benefits of this feature are many, including the following notable advantages over a traditional system.

  • The ability to change settings from anywhere, allowing you to adjust your system to match your goals, certain environmental elements, and more.
  • The prevention of severe problems and consequential damage to the landscape by shutting down portions (or the entirety) of the system even if you are not on site.
  • The opportunity for your Tampa Bay landscape or irrigation service provider to manage the system on your behalf without having to be on-site or make frequent trips to your HOA property to make changes.
  • Multi-platform control via computer or smartphone–this translates to unparalleled convenience and control.

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Get Access to More Data

To best serve your HOA community, keep your landscaping happy and healthy, and balance these ideals with a budget, you’ll want to examine as much data as possible. Doing so helps you and your HOA landscaper make informed decisions that benefit your property and everyone who uses it while finding intelligent solutions to reducing water use and lowering water bills.

While your landscaping expert is likely better equipped to analyze the data collected by your updated HOA irrigation system and implement changes based on their findings, most smart systems now compile data in easy-to-understand formats that even the most casual observer can dissect and use to adapt going forward.

For example, your system will tell you how much water your upgraded sprinkler system is using compared to an outdated alternative. This gives you insight into how efficient your system is, helps with streamlining your budget, and feels pretty darn good from a conservation perspective.

Keep the Community Happy

A well-kept landscape translates to happier residents in an HOA community. From the visual appeal that sparks peaceful feelings each time they step outside to the functional side of landscaping in common areas, crafting a stunning, healthy, and well-maintained property is sure to improve everyone’s mood and lead to a general feeling of contentment.

Happier residents mean fewer complaints, as well. Ultimately, this means less time and money needs to be allocated to addressing concerns, correcting problems, and otherwise trying to bolster the community by confronting perceived landscaping issues. In the end, a proper irrigation system upgrade can benefit everyone–from the property manager down to the smallest canine companion that graces the community dog park.

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The Right Landscaping Partner Goes a Long Way

One of the best things you can do for your HOA irrigation system and your budget is to work with a reputable landscaping company that has the best interests of your property in mind. Not only will they work with you to ensure your system is upgraded and working efficiently, but they will strive to maximize the impact of your budget by helping you allocate it in the best, most effective ways possible.

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Landcrafters is a perfect example of a company that goes above and beyond to facilitate the best outcomes for your HOA property. With over 20 years of experience in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg areas, Landcrafters knows the region well and has the expertise to help your HOA community thrive. If you would like to discuss your landscaping needs, including an irrigation system upgrade, feel free to reach out.

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