How Often Should You Protect Your Landscape From Pests?

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This is a question we hear quite a lot. And it’s no wonder why. Florida’s warm and (sometimes very) humid climate is a perfect territory for a lot of different bug species. Although some of those bugs are actually beneficial for the soil and plants in your garden, some of them can provide to be disastrous if not handled properly. Now, we’re not going to get into describing those species in detail, but we are going to tell you how and when to keep them away from your outdoor area.


Get Proactive

garden plantsWe all know how harmful pests can be for the appearance and the health of your garden plants. The key to preventing major damages is a quality preparation. Get proactive, think and act ahead. There is no one who knows your yard better than you.

Therefore, you can either proactively prevent problems before they even arrive, or you can direct your landscape maintenance operators in the right direction.

So, how can you prevent pests from attacking your precious garden space?

Basically, having a quality landscape maintenance done regularly will solve all of your landscaping issues, including this one. The first thing you can do to keep pests away is taking care of the invasive weeds. Once you get rid of the weeds, you’re not only keeping your plants healthy and your garden beautiful. You’re also dealing with pests: certain types of weeds attract a lot of different bug species, including the ones you definitely don’t want to have around your yard.

Pests are also known to thrive underneath a tall grass. That’s why having someone regularly mow your lawn area is a good idea. The thing with lawn maintenance is that just cutting the grass is sometimes not enough to keep your grass area looking great and repelling pests. Experienced landscape specialists will know when your lawn needs aeration or fertilization, and how much you should irrigate.

Talking about the water, you also want to check your irrigation and drainage systems for any leaks that can damage the turf and plants, and invite certain types of pests over to the flooded area. This is especially important around the paved areas of your property. You don’t want to have any cracks where the moisture or pests can get in.

When Do Pests Attack?

Landscape From PestsThe best way to keep pests out of your outdoor area is certainly to get a quality landscape maintenance service, tailor-made to the specifics of your property (and your budget).

And yes, you should do it throughout the entire year. Even though pests may be more active during warmer seasons, your property is also in danger during the colder months.

Pests will try to survive the winter by going inside of your home, so be sure to seal as many cracks, holes, and other entry points as you can.

Some of your plants will go in the dormant period when the cold weather arrives. Which is usually also a period when they’re in a smaller risk of getting damaged by the annoying bugs. The period when your greenery is under the greatest threat is during the warmer months. Luckily for you, it’s also a period when your garden needs the biggest amount of attention, so adding pests control to the table will not be a hit on your budget.

Use The Eco-Friendly Solutions

You’ll see commercials about the “super-effective” chemicals or other solutions to keep the pests away. Some of the times, those “solutions” will be effective, but will also kill or damage some of your beautiful plants and even pollute the turf. In certain cases, those “solutions” can even be harmful to your pets or the people using the outdoor area (kids are obviously in the biggest risk). A lot of these chemicals can be very harmful and hazardous to your outdoor environment.

If you need to use chemical solutions to solve your pest problem, be sure to consult the professionals. You want to use the eco-friendly solutions and methods to deal with invasive pests because that’s the only way to really ensure the perfect health of the landscape.

To summarize, the best option you have to protect your landscape from the invasive and annoying pests is getting a quality landscape maintenance. Tailor-making the maintenance program to solve the specific issues of your own garden space makes sure your outdoor area keeps looking beautiful, but is also the best way to keep pests away.

Michael Tomaino

Michael Tomaino

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