Finding Florida Fall: Perfecting Tampa Bay Autumn in the Sunshine State

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Florida is many things. Home to palm trees, endless summer, pristine beaches, world-famous theme parks, and alligators, the Sunshine State is one-of-a-kind, and we love it. Of course, the whole eternal summer thing does have its drawbacks, especially for those who cherish pumpkin spice lattes and chilly evenings complemented with campfires.

Fall lovers may grow weary of Florida’s commitment to warm weather and green hues. If you, like many others, crave the shift to earthy tones peppered with vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges, we have good news—even in Florida, there is hope for Tampa Bay autumn foliage.

All it takes is a little intentionality when choosing the plants to grace your Tampa Bay landscape. With the guidance of an experienced landscaper, you can perfect your property and bring a bit of Fall foliage to your Florida vista. Check out our top suggestions below.

Florida isn't just palm trees–there's plenty of room for Autumn foliage in Tampa bay, too!How to Find Florida Fall: Perfect Tampa Bay Autumn With the Perfect Fall Plants

Senna Alata

In Florida, Fall foliage often takes the form of blooms rather than leaves. It’s a blessing and a curse, and it’s daggum gorgeous. Among those flowers reminiscent of Fall is Senna alata. Often referred to as the candlestick plant, this shrub is renowned for its golden-yellow flowers that echo the shifting seasons of Florida’s northern neighbors. When Autumn arrives, these beautiful blossoms provide just enough golden hue to make the change feel a little more real (even if the weather is still steamy).

Triostar Stromanthe

If it’s leaves you’re after, Triostar stromanthe is for you. Its large leaves are visually striking and pack plenty of Fall tones. Laced with various shades of red, including a dark, rich hue, Triostar is a worthy Autumn addition to your Tampa Bay property. Accompanying the showstopping red are streaks of fuchsia and magenta. Best of all, this plant absolutely thrives in Florida’s dense humidity and high temperatures.


This shrub is popular in Florida thanks to its unique leaf shape and coloring. Framed in herbaceous green, the interior portion of the Coleus leaf is veined with rich hues of magenta, burgundy, and purple. This particular Fall-like plant is also quite versatile, lending itself to flower boxes, windowsills, and planters without complaint. As such, it can be used to bring a bit of Fall flair to practically anywhere on your Tampa Bay property.

Coral honeysuckle is a must-have plant to get some Fall colors going for Tampa Bay autumn.

Coral Honeysuckle

Let’s be honest for a moment. Florida may embrace some of the same traditions as other regions of the country, but it always puts a unique spin on them. After all, what is Florida if not fiercely unique and ferociously independent?

When it comes to Fall foliage, the story is no different. That’s why we suggest an extremely Florida-friendly version of honeysuckle called Coral Honeysuckle. Unlike its invasive counterpart, the common honeysuckle, Coral Honeysuckle is native to the southern United States. It showcases an irresistible blend of colors that range from orange-ish bark to coral blooms. The color is close enough to imply Florida Fall, yet still unmistakably Florida.

Forge Your Florida Fall with Landcrafters

Whether you want to imbue your Tampa Bay property with a Florida version of Fall or simply want to craft the most stunning landscape possible, working with an expert is the best way to ensure your dreams become reality. With over 20 years of designing, implementing, and honing Florida landscapes to perfection, Landcrafters has the experience and know-how to elevate your Tampa Bay property to new heights of Autumn brilliance.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, including those specific to your landscaping goals. In the meantime, be sure to peruse our free blog. It is updated regularly with invaluable landscaping tips and tricks that range from proper irrigation to maximizing curb appeal.

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Michael Tomaino

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