What is Production Mapping? How Landcrafters Uses Production Mapping

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Commercial landscaping in Tampa Bay is a game of balance. The best professional landscapers find harmony between efficiency and detail orientation, growth and maintenance, traditional methods and cutting-edge technology, and more.

Landcrafters strives to embody the best of all worlds, and this commitment to its craft is reflected in how it does business. From creating a unique company culture to treating clients as partners, Landcrafters prides itself on standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Production mapping is a perfect example of how Landcrafters invests in its employees and its clients by equipping its teams with the tools required to succeed. It’s a process we take seriously and believe to be integral in reaching the full potential of your property in the most efficient way.

In its most basic form, production mapping is the formation of a map that includes the full layout of a property. It includes everything from the lines and limits to what is happening on the property. It’s an essential tool in our commercial landscaping process, and we believe it benefits everyone involved, including our team and our clients.

Landcrafters’ Production Mapping – What it is and Why it Matters

In many ways, production mapping is exactly as it sounds. We draw out a detailed map of every single property that acts as a paper version of walking that particular property. The goal is to equip our crew with the resources necessary to make the best use of their time and give your property the attention it deserves. No matter who is on the team working on your property, they can easily navigate around, identify the tasks at hand, and so forth—even if they have never visited it before.

It’s not just about the physical mapping of your property, either. Our production maps are complete with time allotments that give the crew guidance on how long certain jobs should take and improve their efficiency and time management.

We put this system into place for a myriad of reasons. While the list of advantages could stretch on indefinitely, there are a few that stand out as particularly potent.

Our Crews Vary

Landcrafters has a very low turnover rate, especially in the context of the landscaping industry at large. This is a fact we’re proud of and a direct result of how we treat and appreciate our employees.

That being said, the crews working your property can vary from visit to visit. It is rare that every member of the same crew can work on the same property every time. Whether we’re substituting specialists into the team, some members are assigned to other jobs that overlap with the timing, or someone has called in sick, we always anticipate a bit of variety in our teams.

Production mapping ensures that every crew member can be as successful as possible without requiring significant onboarding. They can simply study the map, make note of the task and time management, and arrive at your property with the knowledge and confidence they need to perform their best.

It Streamlines Our Preparation

Without production mapping, we would be left with two basic options—we could physically walk the property with every new employee or we could send them in to figure things out on the fly. Both options are wasteful of our time and resources, as well as yours. For every moment we spend catching people up to speed, we lose a moment we could be allocating to the betterment of your Tampa Bay commercial landscaping.

The reduced stress placed on our crew leads is also extraordinarily beneficial. Rather than needing to round up crew members who are unfamiliar with the property, they can equip them with a comprehensive guide. This way, no one feels uninformed, lost, or otherwise unable to contribute to the team. At the same time, the crew leader can feel confident that everyone with them is ready to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Production Mapping Makes Large Commercial Landscapes More Manageable

Many of the properties Landcrafters works on are massive. For landscapes of this magnitude, accomplishing our goals in one session is simply not feasible. If, for example, it is time to prune the shrubs and trees that populate the property, one visit would not provide enough time for us to give the job the attention and care it deserves, no matter how big the crew we send is.

In cases like these, we use production mapping to create sections. By dividing your commercial landscape into smaller areas, we can schedule necessary updates and maintenance in phases. This makes larger properties much easier to manage and helps our crews maximize the effectiveness of each visit. It’s the perfect example of the two primary aspects of production mapping—geographic mapping and time allotment—working together in harmony.

It Maximizes Efficiency

Some Tampa Bay properties are easy to navigate, while others are large or complex. At Landcrafters, we like to ensure our visits are as efficient as possible. This helps our crew make the best use of their time and maximizes your return on investment. The more high-quality work we can accomplish in a given timeframe, the better for everyone.

Production mapping gives our crews the ideal routes to get to specific areas of your property, expediting the process. Whether it’s a large property or we’re simply trying to accomplish things in the right order, having routes identified ahead of time contributes significantly to our ability to be efficient when visiting your Tampa Bay commercial property.

Production Mapping Creates Consistency

No matter who is on the crew that visits your landscape, we want to equip them to do the best work possible. While we consider our employees to be the best of the best, they can only perform up to the standard we set for them. If we send them to a job blind, it makes their jobs much harder than necessary.

Production mapping provides the information necessary to adhere to a consistent quality standard each and every time Landcrafters performs updates or maintenance on your Tampa Bay area property. By giving our crews—no matter who is on them—the tools they need to thrive, we set everyone up for success and keep your investment absolutely pristine.

The Landcrafters’ Map to Success

Production mapping is an example of how Landcrafters goes above and beyond. In an industry where “mow and go” is an increasingly common business model, Landcrafters does the small, meaningful things that set it—and the properties it cares for—apart from the rest.

If you would like to learn more about the Landcrafters’ map to success, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly discuss your property, answer your questions, and kick off our new relationship. With over 20 years of experience providing top-notch commercial landscaping in Tampa Bay, we are always excited to expand our family and share our passion.

Speaking of sharing, we also encourage you to visit our blog. We update it frequently with our landscaping know-how, including tips and tricks that you can benefit from today. It’s our way of giving back and spreading the joy of landscaping with others. Best of all, it’s available to you completely free of charge!

Michael Tomaino

Michael Tomaino

Head Gardener for Landcrafters, Inc. Michael Tomaino, a cornerstone of Landcrafters since its inception, oversees all aspects of business operations with a wealth of experience. With years of adept team management and leadership under his belt, coupled with a robust educational background, both within and beyond the industry, Michael is dedicated to steering Landcrafters towards becoming the foremost landscape management provider in the Tampa Bay Area.