Managing HOA Commercial Landscaping Budgets in Tampa Bay

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Florida has many claims to fame. The Sunshine State is known for massive theme parks, space shuttle launches, pristine beaches, and alligators—just to name a few. Nestled among these attractions and ancient reptilian predators, are pristine landscapes and beautiful HOA communities enjoying the Tampa Bay area, its climate, and everything else it has to offer.

There’s no doubt that Tampa Bay is a wonderful place to live. With its many amenities, entertainment galore, vibrant food scene, sandy beaches, and bountiful outdoor recreation opportunities, it attracts people from all walks of life. To make the most of their experience in the area, many people choose to reside in HOA communities.

The advantages of such communities are clear and impactful. They protect property values, provide fantastic common areas, typically have appealing amenities, and maintain picturesque outdoor views year-round. HOA commercial landscaping budgets play an integral role in these and other compelling characteristics of such communities, making it an essential part of any HOA’s landscaping strategy.

How to Create HOA Commercial Landscaping Budgets

The importance of landscaping to an HOA community cannot be understated. While the best-laid plans and thoughtful strategies are vital, they only paint half of the picture. Implementing ideas and maintaining commercial properties requires money both upfront and on a consistent basis. Sometimes, it can be challenging to determine how much of a budget should be allocated to landscaping.

The good news is that there is a positive correlation between your HOA landscaping and the value of your property. While professional commercial landscaping can be expensive, it does pay financial dividends on top of the benefits it brings to the community. Better still, we are here to share our 20+ years of Tampa Bay landscaping experience with you, including some tips on how to manage your HOA landscaping budget.

A condo overlooking the ocean is shown in this image, displaying it's perfectly kept lawn and trees, part of their HOA commercial landscaping budgets.Keep in mind that no two landscapes are the same. Because of this, it is impossible to give a universal answer to the question, “how much should my HOA commercial landscaping budgets be?”

Every community must be evaluated individually, with factors like the size of the community, the amount of green space, and the intricacy of the landscape coming into play. That being said, the information below will still be extremely valuable as you determine the budget for your HOA landscape.

Landscaping is a Service

Because landscaping falls within the service industry, the expense is heavily influenced by the amount of time a job takes to complete. Initial planning and implementation of your landscaping strategy aside, this means that your budget should reflect how frequently and for how long the landscaping company must visit your property.

Larger and more complex landscapes demand more time to be properly cared for, making them more expensive. The same size property that opts for simpler designs—such as fewer plant varieties, basic green spaces, and so on—will be less time-consuming and less expensive to maintain. So, while size does matter, you can still make choices that will affect your landscaping budget.

Adding or Removing Services

Most commercial landscaping companies in Tampa Bay will work with you to determine what services your community needs on a consistent basis and which ones you prefer to leave as optional or “as needed.” For example, properties with many shade trees may wish to work regular tree trimming into a contract, while others might opt to pay for trimming only when it is needed.

If you’re working with a reputable local landscaper, feel free to consult with them on each line of the contract proposal. You can pick and choose certain services to be planned ahead of time or approached in a pay-as-you-go manner. It is not unusual for these items to change over time, so don’t feel as though you are trapped in your initial decision. You can reevaluate each year as your HOA landscaping budget and needs change.

Prioritizing Quality

It can be tempting to save money by opting for a landscaping company offering significantly lower prices than the competition, especially if they are including comprehensive services that rival the alternatives. When it comes to professional landscaping, especially for an HOA community, budget-friendly services are not always the bargain they seem to be.

While we are not encouraging you to choose the priciest company—you should choose an HOA landscaper that is right for you—we are warning against deals that seem too good to be true. There is no replacement for the time, effort, and care an outstanding landscaping company puts into developing and maintaining an HOA landscape. From the experts they employ to the quality products they use, it is better to spend a few extra dollars to maintain a high standard than to save some cash and cut corners.

HOA commercial landscaping budgets are an important part of an HOA's landscaping plan, like the one shown here.If you want to reduce your HOA landscaping expenses without sacrificing quality, consider keeping your core service contract to the basics and having additional services performed on an as-needed basis. This will allow you to defer certain commercial landscaping services until they are required while enjoying high-quality maintenance in the meantime.

Save Money with Strategic Landscaping

Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping your Tampa Bay HOA landscape one project at a time, there are ways to reduce your spending by strategically implementing cost-saving elements. Discussing your options with a trusted local landscaper is the best way to evaluate your unique property and develop a plan, but there are two practically universal changes any HOA can make—more efficient watering systems and native plants.

In Florida, reducing water usage is a big deal. The heat, sunshine, and occasional drought can lead to a tremendous waste of resources and money. Thankfully, an experienced Tampa Bay landscaper can help you install a watering system that is tailored to your property. From micro-irrigation to smart watering systems, the right knowledge and technology can transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your HOA landscape’s irrigation. If you aren’t ready for such a substantial upgrade, simply fixing, maintaining, and optimizing your current system can have a noticeable impact on your expenses.

Native plants can also reduce your HOA commercial landscaping bill by reducing water consumption and limiting the amount of turnover and maintenance required to keep them looking their best. They have a tendency to thrive in their natural Tampa Bay habitat, making them easier to care for than non-native alternatives. As a bonus, they also contribute to the local ecosystem, helping other plants and wildlife blossom around them.

Plan Ahead

It can be tempting to fixate on the moment when budgeting for your HOA landscape. From aspects of your property that need to be addressed to the picture of perfection you have in your head, wanting to rush to the finish line is not uncommon. To make the best use of your budget, however, it is important to think long-term. Crafting and maintaining the idyllic Tampa Bay landscape is a marathon, not a sprint.

The same applies to the expenses you can expect year after year. Thanks to the rising costs of machinery, materials, and labor, landscaping companies have been forced to raise their rates consistently in recent years. A reputable company will be transparent with you about this reality, so you can work together to plan for future pricing changes.

Striking a balance between budgeting for the now and planning for the future is often the right approach. Have an open and honest conversation with your commercial landscaper in Tampa Bay to determine the best path forward for your property and your budget. The end result will be worth the long-term commitment.


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Kaylie Gibbons

Kaylie Gibbons